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Module: VCD2501 Animation Practice and Creative Workshops Tutor: Chris Shepherd, Jonathan Hodgson, Osbert Parker Project: Two-Minute Film "52" is a visual ode and my 2nd Year student film to all those who have always felt a little out of place, to all the misfits and outcasts, to those who find themselves wandering on foreign soil. It is based on the loneliest whale in the world who sang at 52Hz, thus going unheard by other creatures nor whales. I am not sure if I was able to get the message across my film despite my bestest efforts in such a short timeframe, but I hope that whoever watches this will understand that there is always someone out there who celebrates you. Animator/Director: Abigail Asrina Assistant Colourist: Maximilian Lenjau Poet: Sharvesh Kumar Voice Talent: Luke Ramsay Composers: Lay Ying Teh, Derek & Brandon Feichter, Aljosha Konstanty